Children's Books

Rachel has illustrated several children's books. Look for them at your local bookstore, or browse for them on Amazon!

The Little Bear Who Wanted to Fly - by Carol Shaver

Cubby is a little bear with a serious problem. He is gifted with an amazing curiosity and an imagination that quite often leads him into adventures that even he couldn't imagine. The Little Bear Who Wanted to Fly challenges its readers to dream and dream big that no dream is too big or out of reach. The book inspires all children and adults alike to reach for the sky and believe in the impossible. 

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Manuel's Murals - by Jeaninne Escallier Kato

Manuel Jesus Ramirez Rodriquez, a passionate nine year old boy from Mexico City, loves to paint murals like his hero, the legendary 20th century Mexican muralist, Diego Rivera. He dreams of the day he will become as famous as Diego Rivera so he can take care of his family and never have to watch his father clean other people's buildings ever again. Manuel takes a solo journey to learn more about Diego Rivera's art, but what he finds is a greater understanding of his own culture. The theme of this picture book revolves around family; however, an appreciation of who we are emerges as colorful as the soul that is Mexico. 

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Granny Pants Anthology - by Christina Ivazes

This collection of Christina Ivazes' vast collection of stories, songs and poems, is inspired by her family, friends, world travels, and especially, her grandchildren.  Modeled after turn of the century collections of verses, this book is designed to grown with children, from infancy to more mature readers. It's simply a must for bedtime reading!

This book was privately published, and available upon request at

Niele the Nene - Written and Illustrated by Rachel Smith

Niele is a curious Nene - a native Hawaiian Goose - living on the Big Island of Hawai'i. During a terrible storm, she is blown across the islands, and must travel back across them to reach her home. With a focus on conservation of native species, this book incorporates Hawaiian 'olelo (language) and lovingly rendered illustrations.

This was a pet project by Rachel, and is unavailable for purchase. Prints available upon request through

Fat Wally - An Australian Tale by Angela Heiss

This charming, rhyming tale by Angela Heiss follows the adventures of Wally the Wallaby in his native home of Australia. Wally loves his treats and sweets, will he ever learn to be healthy?

This story focuses on smart eating choices, while also teaching children about Australian animals and foods. Fat Wally has not yet been publicly distributed; if you are interested in assisting Angela with her project, email Rachel at